This page will serve as a basic guide for those interested in contributing content to The Lion's Call Wiki. Frequently asked questions will be addressed here. This page is subject to change.

Adding PagesEdit

If you wish to add a page to this wiki, scroll over the Contribute button and select Add Page.

Page Naming ConventionsEdit

If possible, please do not attach "The" to the titles of any page you wish to contribute. Articles are organized alphabetically in their categories, so adding "The" will only make it more difficult for someone to find your page!

If you wish to add a Characters page to the wiki, please follow the naming convention of not including any titles to the character. For example, King Varian Wrynn's page is titled Varian Wrynn.

Adding ImagesEdit

In order to maintain the thematic style of the wiki, it is asked that all images be timely of World of Warcraft - be they screenshots, paintings, drawings or images.

Please refrain from adding images of real world people unless they are wearing period clothing or armor!

If you add an image to the wiki, it is asked that you attempt to cite the source on the image's page - found by clicking the "More Information" button and then the link to the image's page on the wiki.