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The Stormwind P
eerage is a legal system of largely hereditary titles in the Kingdom of Stormwind, which is constituted by the ranks of Stormwindian nobility. The term is used both collectively to refer to the entire body of noble titles, or a subdivision thereof,, and individually to refer to a specific title.

The holder of a peerage is termed a peer.

Ranks of Stormwind Peerage / NobilityEdit

Ranking from lowest to highest in honor:

Baron / BaronessEdit

A Baron is usually a noble who oversees a small estate with adjoining lands. Baronies are usually too small to include defences beyound that of a fortified manor and a few armsmen.

Viscount / VicountessEdit

Viscount's in the Stormwind system do not typically hold any land or charge by virtue of their title. Rather, Viscounts, rather uniquely sytled in the Stormwind system, are tranditionally used as courtesy titles for the heirs apparent of Earls or Marquesses. 

Count / CountessEdit

Counts, unlike Barons, traditionally hold large amounts of land under their charge, although these lands generally only encompass a single large town and its satellite villages. It is also common for Counties to contain small fortifications such as guard towers, as well as a fairly sizeable contingent of Men-At-Arms. 

Marquess / MarquisEdit

A Marquess is, in many ways, very similar to an Earl under the Stormwind system. The important distinction, however, between an Earldom and a Marquess' land, called a march, being the location in relation to the Kingdom.  Marches are make up the borderlands of a Kingdom and, as such, Marquesses are often entrusted by the King to hold more troops, erect more solid fortifications, and maintain viligence against possible threats. Because of this added weight of responsibility, Marquesses are ranked above Earls in peerage, although only so long as they maintain the defence of a bordercountry.

Duke / DuchessEdit

The rank of Duke or Duchess is the highest form of nobility one can hold without becoming a member of the royal family in Stormwind. The land holdings of Dukes are often vast and contain large swaths of land, townships, and serious fortifications. Dukes are expected to maintain large contingents of Men-At-Arms and are often the first called upon by the monarch to supply troops to the King's army.