The House of Nobles

House of Nobles is a body of men and women of noble birth from within the Kingdom of Stormwind who collectively form the governing body of the Kingdom under the direction of King Varian Wrynn. In the years before the First War the House of Nobles enjoyed a great degree of power and authority within the Kingdom of Azeroth, their powers of purse and the loyalty of their men at arms all serving as a check upon the King of Stormwind.


With the fall of Stormwind after the First War the House suffered major setbacks. Nearly all of the House's members had been exiled from their lands as a result of the orcish occupation and, upon returning to their holdings after the Second War, found that much of their power  had diminished. Having to rebuild their holdings and regain much of their lost wealth, their ability to influence practical government over the King's authority waned. 

The House of Nobles did enjoy a brief surge in power, however, during the disappearance of King Varian Wrynn during a diplomatic mission to Theramore. With the King missing and the Prince Anduin Llane Wrynn still too young to effectively rule, the dragon Onixyia, disguised as the Lady Katrana Prestor was able to, in conjunction with the House of Nobles, effectively rule the Kingdom. 

The elevated power of the House under Prestor, however, would be prove to be short lived. When Marshal Reginald Windsor unveiled Prestor as the dragon Onixyia, the influence of the House of Nobles crumbled almost immediately. Already suspicious of the House after the revealing of Lord Gregor Lescovar as a traitor to the Defias Brotherhood, the image of the House was tattered and, with the return of King Varian, its power totally drained. 

Current StatusEdit

To date the House of Nobles, although still an important function of Stormwind's government, primarily operates in the background of the King of Stormwind. With confidence in the House at record lows and the presence of a strong monarch, the House is mostly relegated to the day to day bureaucratic functions of running Varian's vast Kingdom and the passage of basic laws. 

Active Members (NPCs)Edit

Count Remginton Ridgewell

Lord Baurles K. Wishock

Sir S. J. Erlgadin

((There are a presumidly large number of members within the House, however, few actually appear as NPCs in WoW.))

Active Members (Players)Edit

Elwynn ForestEdit

Lord Maxen Montclair, Duke of Westridge.
Lady Heida K. Hohenzollern, Margrave of Southeastern Elwynn.
Lord Erich Gottfried Manstein, Count of Eastvale and Baron of Faulkenburg.

Lord Anthony Valron, Duke of Northshire. ( Türin in-game)

Redridge MountainsEdit

Lady Matilde Claurice, Maiden.



Lady Abigail Elerian, Maiden.