A Request of Judicial Writ is the formal application for a hearing upon a criminal or civil matter issued by an agent of an authorized law enforcement organization or an agrieved party, respectively. Although the process of advocating such a request varies from nation to nation, within the Kingdom of Stormwind the proper procedure is to send such applications to the office of the Lord or High Magistrate of the Stormwind House of Magistrates via official post. Upon review, if the case is deemed worthy of a Judicial Hearing, the Lord-Magistrate will refer the claim to a Magistrate and appoint a court date. 

The current Lord-Magistrate of Stormwind is a vacant position since the retirement of Erich Gottfried Manstein. Until a suitable replacement is found Requests of Judicial Writ should be directed towards the individual Magistrates.

The form is as follows:

For Law Enforcement & Criminal Charges

This form if for cimes such as: Grand Theft, Attempted Homocide, Homocide, Assault, Arsony, Treason and other high criminal offenses.

Officer: (name)

Offender: (name)

Crime: (offense))

Detail of Crime: (Within what little space remains the officer is asked to provide the briefest of summaries of what took place)

For Civilians & Civil Cases

These are for charges such as: Slander, Libel, Divorce, Propety & Mineral Claims, and Succession. 

Plaintiff: (name)

Defendant: (name)

Offense:  (Within what little space remains the plaintiff is asked to provide the briefest of summaries of what offense took place.)