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The typical green lands in the Barony of Hohenzollern.

Historically, the Hohenzollern lands have always been too things: Ruled by a Hohenzollern; and fertile land. But other then that, the lands ruled by the House of Hohenzollern have always been in constant flux, rarely set in stone.

Historical BoundaryEdit

By tradition, the lands that have seen Hohenzollern rule since the House of

The Historical, Unofficial Boundary

Hohenzollern founding are considered to be Hohenzollern Lands, though today in 622 K.C., the County of Eastvale takes up half of the Hohenzollern Lands.

Pre-470 K.C.Edit

Before the founding the House of Hohenzollern in their current lands, Southeast Elwynn was ruled by baronets and landowning gentry in various, small patches of unorganized land.

Founding: County of HohenzollernEdit

On 470 K.C., when the House of Hohenzollern was founded by then Dunwell
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County of Hohenzollern, as of 473 K.C.

Hohen-Revenold, the nobleman and his small following of craftsmen and workers were granted a small amount of farming land in the corner of southeastern Elwynn. The land was refered to as the County of Hohenzollern and was quickly settled by travelers and farmers seeking land and protection.

Earldom of HohenzollernEdit

Elwynnforest - Earldom

Earldom of Hohenzollern, 535 K.C.

From 470 K.C. onwards, the boundaries of the Hohenzollern Country grew slowly with purchases and marriages. By the time of Lord Dunwell's death in 513 K.C., the boundaries had extended eastward to the Stone Cairn river, giving the noble house control over slopping farmlands and lumber supplies for internal development. On 526 K.C., the lands were proclaimed to be an earldom ruled by the Hohenzollern House, coined the Earldom of Hohenzollern, with Sir Kuefur Hohenzollern II as the residing Earl at the time.

Destruction and Reconstruction of the EarldomEdit

By the see of the First War, the House of Hohenzollern did what it could to try and keep the orcs off their lands. The Hohenzollern Lands saw some of the harshest fighting of the war, and by 595 K.C., most of the defending forces of the house either retreated to Stormwind or died in the fighting.

When Lord Duglias, the current Head of House Hohenzollern at the time, returned to his lands, he found them scorched and pillaged of any life. Without delay, he hired craftsmen, workers, peasents, and farmers to regrow and rebuild the pillaged lands. By the time of 613 K.C., the Hohenzollern lands were green and filled with growing trees, as well as a growing and happy populace loyal to their Hohenzollern caretakers.

The Hohenzollern "State"Edit

Elwynnforest - State

The Hohenzollern State at its peak, 12 July 618 K.C.

On 16 June 618 K.C., the aging Lord Duglias declared his Earldom to be a sovereign state. The Hohenzollern Rebellion continued on for six months after this claim, resulting in an extremely brief state of existance for the Hohenzollern State after the Winter's Veil Treaty was signed on December 21, 618 K.C.

Disbandment of Hohenzollern Owned LandEdit


Refounding: Barony of HohenzollernEdit


Economy and ResourcesEdit