The House of Montclair
House Montclair3

Coat of Arms

Duke's coronet above a white stallion imposed on a golden chevron; all upon a field of blue.


Strength Through Wisdom


Westridge Keep

Current Head

Maxen Montclair




Duke of Westridge


Montclairs of Westridge


Leopold Montclair I

When civil war broke out and the colonists of Azeroth sought to overthrow the Arathorian Empire's control, Leopold Montclair I, an Azeroth-born centurion under the Westridge Garrison, led a successful coup in which the mountainous land was yielded to the rebel forces. Leopold swore fealty to King Logan Wrynn I and was recognized for his part in Stormwind's liberation - appointed the Duke of Westridge, where his bloodline would serve the House of Wrynn. A tract of Westridge's land, Westbrook, was eventually dedicated as a keep and training facility for the king's army. What once served as the Arathorian Legion's main garrison in the land now supported one of the primary bands of armsmen loyal to House Wrynn.

During the Ten Years' Strife that began in 125 K.C., the House of Montclair initially shunned Samson Wrynn after allegations that he murdered his own brother. However, House Montclair was one of the first to rally to Samson's support when he sought to liberate Stormwind City from Queen Mary's reign of terror.

Samson Wrynn, in divvying the various units of the kingdom by provincial brigades, granted the armsmen under Westridge the distinction of the first of the dozens of regiments of the Stormwind Army. At the head of the military production in Westbrook, the lords of House Montclair blended old Arathorian and new revolutionary tactics to bring up a military force that was distinctly Stormwind's own. The First Regiment, under the Elwynn Brigade, would become one of the most decorated units of the king's army.