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The Hohenzollern Rebellion, or umcommonly known as the Blacksmoke Uprising, was the conflict in which the House of Hohenzollern sought to declare itself independent from the Kingdom of Stormwind and expel the priests of the Church of the Holy Light from Southeastern Elwynn in 618 K.C. It was swiftly put down by the Stormwind Army.

The conflict itself was short, but considered a glimpse to the future of warfare, highlighting the weaknesses of sword-and-shield warfare.

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Progress of the ConflictEdit


16 June - 24 June, SilenceEdit

24 June - 27 June, A Pawn TakenEdit

Siege of Ridgepoint TowerEdit

27 June - 12 July, An Iron BorderEdit

12 July - 29 August, Waiting Out the StormEdit

29 August - 6 September, Cutting Off the Great LionEdit

Eastvale OffensiveEdit

6 September - 19 September, Stone Cairn River BreachEdit

19 September - November 16, Facing DuskwoodEdit

November 16 - December 14, Damage ControlEdit

December 14 - December 22, Surrender and TreatyEdit

The Winter's Veil TreatyEdit

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S1 Hohenzollern Mark RifleEdit


"Duglian Death" Long Range CannonEdit

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Dissillousion of the Hohenzollern Statures of GovermentEdit

Cases of High TreasonEdit

Exclusion of House of Hohenzollern membersEdit

Royal Confiscation of Hohenzollern landsEdit

Reported Pillaging by the Stormwind ArmyEdit