Lady Heida Hohenzollern V, Margrave of Southeastern Elwynn

Full Name

Lady Heida Kremske Hohenzollern



Date of Birth

13 December 597 K.C.


Janette DeGraw Hohenzollern IV


Head of the House of Hohenzollern
Magistrate of the Hohenzollern Court
Major of the Hohenzollern Army (Defunct)
Advisor to the Hohenzollern Senate (Defunct)


Hohenzollern Army
Ravenholdt Manor




Duglias Hohenzollern III (Grandfather, Deceased)
Janette DeGraw Hohenzollern IV (Aunt, Deceased)
Michael Hohenzollern (Father, Deceased)
Kencith Hohenzollern (Mother, Deceased)
Gabrial C. Hohenzollern (Brother, Deceased)


Heida Kremske Hohenzollern was born as the second child and first daughter to Michael and Kencith Hohenzollern  on the night of 13 December 597 K.C. within the a guest estate in Arathi. Her mother died in childbirth, leading Michael to care for her for the majority of her life.

Born in a turbulent time in humanity's history, as well a strict Noble House, Heida's childhood was almost militant in nature. By time of Heida's return to Hohenzollern lands in 601 K.C., her attitude was that of a trained soldier, and never a playful four year old.

This attitude was never let up, and most of her family regarding her as a potential heiress to the House of Hohenzollern. An heiress position Heida solemnly accepted and secreted loathed.

Conscription to the Hohenzollern ArmyEdit

On 613 K.C., when Heida reached the age of sixteen, she was conscripted by the behest of her Aunt Janette and Grandfather Duglias to the Hohenzollern Army.

When her six months of required service was over, she requested that she be enlisted for another year. A request that was applauded by most of her family. Her requests of continuing enlistment came year after year until she became a Major of the army in 618 K.C., one of the youngest officers in the army.

Involvement in the Hohenzollern RebellionEdit

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Move to Stormwind CityEdit

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Enlistment in the First RegimentEdit

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Resignation from the Stormwind MilitaryEdit

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Reign as Head of the House of HohenzollernEdit

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