The Alliance Relief Effort, The Citizens of Gilneas


Rebuild Gilneas


Gilnean, Hillsbradian, Stormwindian


Governor-General Erich Gottfried Manstein


Greymane Manor, Keel Harbor


Defunct (recalled)

The Alliance Relief Effort otherwise known as the <Citizens of Gilneas>, was an effort to rebuild Gilneas after its destruction and was orchestrated under the direction of Lord Erich Gottfried Manstein and Lord Mandresel Anderson.

Orginally conceived within the House of Nobles as a way to redirect refugees from Hillsbrad to more useful ends, as well as placate King Genn Greymane's pleas for aide, the operation grew far larger than intended. Although the core of the ARE was composed of former citizens of Hillsbrad, the administrators quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the numbers of resolutely nationalistic Gilnean citizens eager to return home.

For nearly a year after the pushing back of the Forsaken by Lord Darius Crawley the ARE was heavily involved in the reconstruction of the nation's infrastructure and repatriation of its citizenry.



The Alliance Relief Effort fleet in Gilneas.

Eventually, as the situation in Gilneas became more comfortable for the pioneers who had begun the reconstruction efforts, more conservative elements of Gilneas' citizenry began to take notice of the operation.

Enraged that their King would allow foreigners upon their soil, many Gilnean patriots, most of whom had taken up residence in Stormwind, began to lobby for the recall of the ARE and its immediate dissolution. Their calls went unheeded in the House of Nobles and so the Gilnean nationalists decided that they too would return home, taking up residence in the yet unrestored village of Emberstone.

For many long months the Governor-General of the ARE, Erich Gottfried Manstein attempted to negotiate with the conservative patriots of Gilneas who has relocated to Emberstone. Although several compromises were reached, and even a constitution drafted, several violent clashes between the patriots and the citizens resulted in the Governor-General's decision to recall the effort. With much regret and sorrow, the laborers and workmen of the ARE and many native Gilneans departed upon the HMS Deliverance, to Stormwind. 

Although triumphant in their goal of removing the ARE, the patriots of Gilneas suddenly found the land without skilled workmen or laborers to rebuild, for they had all been soldiers in the war against the Forsaken. Unable to maintain the rebuilding effort, the patriots abandoned Emberstone, removing themselves to Stormwind. The streets of Gilneas deserted once again.