The First Regiment, returned home from their deployment in Pandaria, was ordered to bring aid to Westfall in December of 622 K.C.


The first regiment's troops were garrisoned in Westbrook Garrison and the Stormwind Command Center in Stormwind City at their return from securing Strongarm Airstrip in the Jade Forest. Lord Maxen Montclair, upon seeing that Stormwind City's streets had fallen to gang violence while the majority of Stormwind's forces were marshaled abroad, set his troops to patrol the roads and enforce the King's Law. The regiment encountered stiff resistance, fighting off the Steelmane Gang, Melrony Crime Family and the Blackwolf Company among other criminal organizations in tavern brawls and skirmishes in the streets.


On the king's command, the first regiment was ordered to march on Moonbrook and aid in its full reintegration into the Kingdom of Stormwind after additional riots sparked by the Defias Brotherhood.

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Arrival in Moonbrook

Knight-Lieutenant Mairaed O'Callaghan, Sergeant Samli Stoneframe and Sergeant Olendir Fahennia were instrumental in keeping the order amongst the people initially, bringing a number of thugs and highwaymen to justice, leading patrols out to cull hostile gnolls, and handing out food to the hungry. Sergeant Fahennia led a group of soldiers to retake the Jangolode Mine from gnolls, successfully reopening its facilities to the people of Westfall.

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Securing apples for the hungry.

Relations with the people of Moonbrook soon soured as misunderstandings stacked against the first regiment. Mistrust spread when a number of peasants claimed fallen highwaymen as their relatives. When Lieutenant O'Callaghan led a raid on the Gold Coast Quarry to reclaim gold for the crown, a number of peasants revolted claiming that the gold was rightfully theirs.

At the pleading of Knight-Captain Xaradras Danfer, Lord Montclair pulled the first regiment from Westfall and returned the unit to Stormwind City for the holidays. Dame Danfer, with aid from Lord Montclair, formed a militia to be known as the People of Westfall to finish what the first regiment attempted in Moonbrook.

Resurgence of the Stormwind Council

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The Stormwind Council

While preparations were made throughout the month of December by Baron Erich Gottfried Manstein, the newly refurbished Stormwind House of Magistrates met within the Petitioner's Chamber several times at the end of the month to finalize a schedule of assembly and recognize whom would sit on the council in the coming months.